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Caterpillar Inframe Kits

Internet Diesel Caterpliiar Inframe Kits are here! If you don't see the Caterpliiar inframe kit you are looking for on our site please call us as we carry any and all diesel Caterpliiar inframe kits.

Whether you are rebuilding your block and need a Caterpliiar inframe kit or are looking for other parts, you have come to the right place! We are your source for Caterpliiar inframe kits online!

Frequently asked questions about our Caterpliiar inframe kits:

What comes in an Internet Diesel Caterpliiar inframe kit?

All the necessary hard parts, gaskets, o-rings, etc. Everything you need to rebuild your short block.

How can I be sure the Caterpliiar inframe kits I am looking at on are exactly what I need?

Call us anytime! We can go over the Caterpliiar inframe kit you are looking for and make sure you don't overlook any other parts you may need to get the job done!

We also offer any and all other parts you may need to finish your job using our Caterpliiar inframe kit.

Most Typical Caterpliiar In-frame kits include:

  • Pistons
  • Rings
  • Pins and Retainers
  • Cylinder Liners and O-rings
  • Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Main Bearings
  • Head Gasket Set
  • Oil Pan Gasket Set
But please call us first to make sure the Caterpliiar inframe kit you are thinking about has what you need and is the right kit for the job. We are always here to help!

This is what a typical Caterpliiar inframe kit from Internet Diesel looks like: Caterpillar Inframe Kit
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